Here’s to life

Man is only great when he acts from Passion” – Benjamin Disraeli

pastTo the average person, taking a RISK can be SCARY.  Over 10 years ago I quit my well paying job in marketing, traveling and meeting with some of the wealthiest, most prominent marketers in the U.S. to start my own business creating websites and marketing material.  I worked in pajamas on-the-daily and it was great!

Throughout this time, I struggled with the love of sitting in my cozy apartment in my pajamas and the exhausting tasks of diet and exercise.  But, I did it! I got in shape by eating healthy, cutting back on *cough-cough* whiskey and beer and becoming a helluva racquetball player.  By design, I’m chock-full-a muscle so I never had the typical lady struggles of beating myself up to lose weight, it came easy.  I was MY perfect size, 10-12, and I was happy with that.  Any smaller, I look ill. And hey, I like staying a bit curvy!

So, to make a long story short. I moved to Arizona for almost 3 years, went into a dark place in my mind after my closest family member moved away (not her fault, by the way) and I said, “To heck with it all. It’s cocktails and sunflower seeds and sure, I’ll throw in some microwave food from time to time”  Annnnnd…. now I’m back to a not so healthy me.


I’ve hit the mid-aged pre-menopause stage. That quick-easy way of losing weight no longer works like it did in my 20’s and 30’s and I feel yucky!

But! I’ve managed to crawl out of that scary, dark place in my mind over the past two years (it actually only took about 6 months, so it’s not that hard to overcome in case you’re there and think there’s no way out).  I quit my design business and got a “REAL JOB” with HUMANS and I’ve come to learn, finally, that in order to succeed and be able to live the life I really want to live; a happy and healthy one that’s full of adventures, I have to WORK for it!

Here’s the clincher… As much as I love my job and my co-workers or as I like to call them, my functional dysfunctional family, I’ve realized, do I really want to spend the next 20 years sitting in a chair, behind a desk, on a phone, staring at a computer all day?  Does anyone? Uhhhh, no! So here I am today, out of shape, bored, about to move to another state and I’m completely out of my go-to beverage, Advocare’s REHYDRATE.

My cousin, who is an Advocare advocate has always supplied me with my favorite Advocare products (Probiotic, Spark, O2-Gold and of course my Rehydrate) was on an adventure of her own in Alaska.  In a panic, with no happy joose, as I call it, I went online, found a local distributor and made a quick purchase.

Moments later, I get a phone call about my possible interest in signing up as a distributor. Moments after that conversation, I got a text that offered me to save money on purchases in the future by signing up as a distributor.  It was a quick conversation, but an inspiring one and I decided to go all in.  What do I have to lose other than a few bucks?  Trust me, I’ve lost lots being the risk taker that I am, but I realized, at that moment, investing in your health and possibly the health of others could never be considered a loss. So here I am…creating this website so that I can track my progress and share my story with others.

futureWell, does anyone really know what the future holds?  Nope!  But the one thing I do know is, I go to bed each night thinking about it. Sometimes sleep and dream about it.  I am excited about it!  I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of not feeling comfortable in a swim suit. I’m tired of sweating when I walk to the mailbox and I’m tired of sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week!

I’m taking this opportunity that Matt and Liz, my sponsors, offered me and I’m running with it (okay, so I can’t really run right now, but I’m putting a few things off to dive into this business of health and wealth).

So watch my blog, okay?  I’m overly honest and I would never, ever share something I didn’t believe in with anyone just to make a buck. Plus, I’m not hard up for cash, as I will be working my full time fabulous job throughout this adventure.  As I try these products I’ll be giving you my honest opinion on what they have done for me, good and bad.  I’ll be tracking my health, so you can too!  And if I start making money along the way, I want to share that with you also.

Wish meh luck, y’all! Proof is in the puddin’!

Jaclyn Suzann